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Getting Things Done book summary

Curious about Getting Things Done? We suggest you read our review in the getAbstract Journal. We’re still awaiting the copyright holder’s go-ahead to summarize this book in our usual summary format and will add it here as soon as possible.

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    A. C. 6 months ago
    Very unfortunate that you only carry his Version from 2002 where people still used fax. There is a new revised version from 2015.
    Also very sad that you put your personal opinions into the summary. It should contain the essence of the book and not transmit the opinion of whoever wrote the summary.
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    S. D. 1 year ago
    Great ideas instilled in just 15 minutes read, really grateful to getabstract team. I will try my best to implement these ideas in my own life. Kudos, team Getabstract.
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    F. M. 2 years ago
    Great summary and book!
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    M. v. 3 years ago
    really helpfull, works great in combination with Onenote
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      Andreas Koumouris 7 months ago
      Can you export it to onenote?
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    M. B. 4 years ago
    Good summary but its missing the whole part of the book dedicated to things you'd like to do if you had the time
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    R. S. 5 years ago
    This book has some simple and greatest ideas. I've already applied a few ideas, and that works ;)
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    I. G. 7 years ago
    Excellent ideas about systematically moving through work. I will be applying some form of these actions to my own systems.