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Getting Uncomfortable on Purpose

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Getting Uncomfortable on Purpose

Boston Consulting Group,

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Thinking about purpose is necessarily uncomfortable.

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Three Boston Consulting Group professionals answer the question, “How can we get back to the raw power of the idea of purpose and jettison the ambiguity, complacency and ritualization which have grown up around it?” If your firm addresses purpose as a matter of relaxed, cozy routine, learn five ways to rediscover the true power of purpose.


If addressing your firm’s purpose seems straightforward or routine, you’re probably doing it wrong. Companies used to disrupt and re-energize themselves by revisiting their purpose. The exercise often revealed a gulf between their actions and their stated reason for being. After peaking in the 1990s, the concept of purpose lost its meaning and heft, yet purpose matters more than ever. As companies become bigger and more complex and the problem of employee disengagement worsens, a strong purpose increases alignment, engagement and a sense of community among employees. Purpose motivates and inspires people, spurs innovation...

About the Authors

Ashley Grice is CEO of BrightHouse, a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) firm. Martin Reeves and Jack Fuller work for BCG.

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