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Giving feedback is an art. You don’t want to discourage people or hurt their feelings, but you also don’t want to deprive the person of the opportunity to learn and grow. So how do you go about pointing out problems and mistakes when you see them occur? In this short article, Arianna Huffington explains how her company Thrive Global has implemented a culture of “compassionate directness” in which employees exchange constructive feedback within a supportive setting. Anyone who wants to get better at delivering feedback in both their personal and professional lives will benefit from the best practices she outlines.

About the Author

Arianna Huffington is the founder and CEO of Thrive Global, a platform that helps individuals and companies improve their well-being and performance. 


Don’t hold back on giving feedback – but deliver it compassionately and in an atmosphere of mutual trust.

Without feedback, people won’t be able to learn and grow. Yet, feedback that’s too blunt is counterproductive as it can hurt feelings, trigger defensiveness and lead to reduced employee engagement. But if you avoid pointing out mistakes entirely or drown negative feedback in an avalanche of positive affirmations, you deny the other person an opportunity to grow.

But there is a third way: Providing...

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