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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Karen Elliott House, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and foreign editor, presents a detailed analysis of the changes inside Saudi Arabia. The nation is the world’s largest oil producer and an absolute monarchy known for strict adherence to Islam, strong traditions, and sharply defined roles for male and female citizens. House discusses the role of the Saudi king as head of the ruling family, head of state and the protector of Islam. Her book was published before King Abdullah, 90, died on January 22, 2015, and his half-brother King Salman became his successor, so the discussion of succession is now more complex. Saudi Arabia suffers internal dissent, corruption, prejudice and palace intrigues. It also has many poor people, millions of imported menial workers and a youthful population frustrated by unemployment and inequality. getAbstract recommends this highly readable analysis to investors, NGOs, policy makers and anyone interested in Middle East geopolitics. House offers a sharp snapshot of how this complicated nation tries to balance the competing interests of oil, religion, royal entitlements, subjugated women, disenfranchised poor and a mostly passive population.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How Saudi history shaped modern Saudi Arabia;
  • Why Saudi Arabia resists change; and
  • What forces will mold Saudi Arabia’s economic, political and religious policies and future path.

About the Author

Former publisher of the The Wall Street Journal, Karen Elliott House won a Pulitzer Prize in international reporting for her work in the Middle East. She spent 30 years traveling to Saudi Arabia meeting hundreds of princes, paupers, women, men, modernizers and conservatives to write this book.



King and Country
Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy that strictly adheres to Islam, tradition and the separation of the sexes. The Al Saud family has ruled the country for a long time, and it is the most successful family business in modern history. The Saudi king is head of state and...

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    Looks like an interesting read.
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