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For international companies, the last Communist country in the Americas is a compelling market – they have the right approach.


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Reconnecting Cuba summary
Cuban is opening its doors to outside business. If companies are going to profit, they must do their homework.


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Journalist Matt Schiavenza offers advice to companies looking for ways to get a foothold in Cuba’s emerging domestic market. Businesses face layers of bureaucratic red tape, censorship concerns and meager paychecks. However, the island nation boasts a highly educated workforce that is already proving valuable in the medical and IT fields. For pharmaceutical companies, Cuba could emerge a prime research spot, while tech companies have a large workforce already in place. getAbstract recommends this analysis to business leaders interested in the Cuba’s unique market.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why Cuba’s highly educated workforce could benefit the medical field and IT companies,
  • Why a promising lung cancer vaccine could signal an opening for pharmaceutical companies, and
  • Why the country could become an IT hub.


As Cuba and the United States begin the long process of normalizing relations, companies outside the island nation are beginning to look for toeholds in the emerging domestic market. Companies take heed: Cuba is “not the average frontier market.” Outside firms must team up with local companies to form...
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About the Author

Matt Schiavenza is a writer and editor based in New York. His articles have been published in The Atlantic, the Daily Beast, Fortune and the New Republic.

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