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What Does China Think? book summary
An introduction to China’s intellectual development, issue by issue, via a short, savvy tour of Chinese think tanks.


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Mark Leonard’s desultory ramble through China’s intellectual landscape introduces that country’s most influential economic, political, diplomatic and military thinkers. In a market nearly saturated with books that do little more than echo each other’s amazed exclamations at China’s rapid economic development, getAbstract considers this a refreshing change. The book does not offer in-depth analysis of the ideas it presents, nor does it assess their merits and demerits in any detail. It merely introduces a few very prominent Chinese intellectuals and offers a brief summary of their ideas. The book’s chief value is that it acknowledges the breadth of the diversity of thought within China, and spotlights the conflicts and tensions that are shaping its development.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Who China’s most important contemporary thinkers are
  • What they say about Chinese economics, geopolitics and internal reform
  • How their ideas may influence China’s future development and, thus, the world


China’s Ideas
China’s ascent may be this century’s most important event. Vast China has the world’s largest population. It is the planet’s factory floor, rapidly becoming its most gluttonous devourer of energy and mineral resources. It has developed at a blazing rate. Entire cities emerge...
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About the Author

Mark Leonard is executive director of the European Council on Foreign Relations and director of the Foreign Policy Centre. He wrote Why Europe Will Run the 21st Century.

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