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How much money do you have in your pocket right now? When was the last time you even used cash? Euromoney experts explore how technology is outdistancing hard currency, as businesses offer more and more no-cash options. But the transition to a “cashless society” comes at a price, as people increasingly give up their privacy for the sake of convenience. This informative podcast from the series Treasury and Turbulence will engage anyone fascinated by the way new technologies are changing everyday life.

About the Podcast

The Euromoney podcast series Treasury and Turbulence covers topics in corporate treasury and risk management. 



In a world of contactless credit cards and smartphones, people are using cash less and less.

In Sweden, for example, only 2% of transactions take place using tangible money, and that number will continue to go down. All over the world, shops are offering options other than cash. And given the convenience of contactless credit cards and smartphones, the cashless world is moving into the corporate sector as well.

On top of that, cashless payments provide security: A debit card may require a PIN, but smartphones take that a step further, since they can process biometric information...

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