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Good Authority

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Good Authority

How to Become the Leader Your Team Is Waiting For


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Good Authority leaders help their team members learn how to solve their own problems.

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“Good Authority” leaders inspire their employees to become the best they can be and to accomplish more than they think possible. Jonathan Raymond – founder of Refound and former CEO and Chief Brand Officer of eMyth – offers a manual that best-selling author Seth Godin called a “modern classic.” Raymond sets out to teach bosses how to become inspiring leaders their employees will follow enthusiastically. Based on his own leadership journey, Raymond demonstrates how real-time mentoring, active support and intelligent feedback make all the difference in leading teams, teaching staff members to solve their own problems and achieving ambitious goals.


Too many bosses become petty tyrants who mistreat their employees.

“Screaming, brutish, Napoleon-type” tyrants can make workers miserable. They often treat their personnel as if their lives and emotions don’t matter while maintaining unrealistic expectations about their productivity. Yet, many office workers persevere even in the face of bad management, remaining positive, kind and considerate despite difficult managers who sow negativity. In such offices, workers can end up fighting over scarce resources and fearing for their livelihood. It’s no surprise that they decide to keep their “heads down” so their angry, frustrated bosses don’t start passing out blame. 

As a leader, you can reverse a negative workplace atmosphere and create a new environment by becoming a “good authority,” an executive who empowers your employees and makes sure they get what they need.

Brutal work conditions led Jonathan Raymond to take time off to find himself.

Author Jonathan Raymond used to work in an anger-filled professional environment. Finally he decided that he was not resigned to working in a ...

About the Author

Jonathan Raymond is CEO of Refound, which “believes we should all be aiming for more Yoda and less Superman.” He is the former CEO and Chief Brand Officer of eMyth. 

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