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Best-selling author Anthony Tjan conducted extensive research and dozens of interviews with successful people to uncover what it means to lead while encouraging moral character and goodness. The results include the “Good People Mantra” and the “Goodness Pyramid,” a framework for discussing and evaluating goodness and success in people and organizations. Tjan’s underlying theme serves as his Golden Rule: Leaders must value people above all and help others become the best-possible versions of themselves. This is the right guide for leaders who want to incorporate goodness into their culture. Although Tjan can be a bit preachy and repetitive, getAbstract believes his idealism offers a valuable counterweight to profit-only leadership. 

In this book, you will learn

  • Why goodness should be intrinsic to all businesses,
  • How to put the “Good People Mantra” and the “Goodness Pyramid” into action,
  • How to balance the tensions of goodness at work, and
  • How to lead with goodness and develop it in others.  

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