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Growing Up Digital

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Growing Up Digital

The Rise of the Net Generation


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Kids take the Internet for granted — so business better take on the kids.

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Don Tapscott has compiled information about today’s youth and what they will mean to the future of the economy and society. He interviewed children extensively and he found that the new generation bases its thinking on technology. Its ideas of work and play are very different from those in the past. The book is an easy read, written in a way that draws you into the world of today’s youth. Common misconceptions about kids are tossed away in favor of information about the realities of this generation. Companies that wish to compete in the new millennium are urged to throw off the past and embrace the new generation and its ideas. Tapscott describes the Net Generation in a very good light – almost too good to be true. The book is well written and interesting. It can help any organization prepare for the future. getAbstract recommends the book to executives who deal with strategic issues or manage technology intensive companies.


The Generation Lap

The kids of the Net Generation are between the ages of two and twenty-two. These N-Geners use computers for entertainment, business, learning, communicating and shopping. They also use computers to manage their own finances, to start protest movements, to save the environment and to make friends. They embrace technology. Rather than being worried about these kids, adults need to realize that their computer use has many positive outcomes. Tapscott predicts that the N-Geners’ baby boomer parents will not be flexible enough to prevent conflict. Fear of change will dominate their thinking. However, this new generation provides an opportunity for their parents - and for companies which want their business to grow.

Today’s businesses need to listen to the younger generation. They will help lead companies to future success. But, those companies must begin to change their products or the delivery of their products accordingly. The N-Geners have more disposable income than their parents did, and they will soon be buying nearly everything on the Internet. Their approach will change the way business is done forever.

Kids are way ahead of their parents...

About the Author

Don Tapscott is author of several best-selling books, including The Digital Economy, and is co-author of Paradigm Shift. He is chairman of the Alliance for Converging Technologies, a think tank funded by several leading companies and government organizations. He is also president of the New Paradigm Learning Corporation.

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