Happen to Your Career
A review of

Happen to Your Career

An Unconventional Approach to Career Change and Meaningful Work

Become a “Happy High Achiever” 

by David Meyer

Career coach Scott Barlow, host of the HTYC podcast, guides you toward building the mind-set you need to pursue a deeply fulfilling career – and life.

Career coach Scott Barlow, host of the popular HTYC podcast, offers a thoughtful and encouraging guide to escaping harmful mind-sets that hold you back from finding your purpose, addressing your needs and landing your perfect job. Barlow teaches you to tailor your career around a healthy work-life balance full of meaning and joy.


Strive to become what Barlow calls a “Happy High Achiever”: someone who is driven and happy in their work. Realizing the Happy High Achiever lifestyle involves prioritizing changing your career; defining your ideal job; experimenting in that field; and implementing a plan of action.

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