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Hardwired to Learn

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Hardwired to Learn

Leveraging the Self-Sustaining Power of Lifelong Learning

Teri Hart,

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Harness your ability to learn at any age to grow your career and reach your highest potential.

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Through an adept synthesis of research – particularly in learning theory and neuroscience – 25-year learning expert and future of work strategist Teri Hart weaves history, economics, technology, psychology, medicine and sociology into a fascinating exploration of the role of mind and body in learning. Her expertly blended insights will convince you of the human mind’s remarkable ability to learn nearly anything at any age. 


The Fourth Industrial Revolution demands massive employee reskilling and upskilling across the workforce. 

Digitization, now in its sixth decade, ushered in a Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the trend to digital transformation, with more organizations ramping up their efforts at digitization, remote work and automation. 4IR could prove even more disruptive than the three previous phases of the Industrial Revolution, in which society and the economy transitioned from agriculture to industry, then factory to services, and thirdly toward information, computerization and data.

These broad shifts, and the current 4IR transition to digitization, usher in requirements for new skills and knowledge. The jobs of the future demand massive re-skilling throughout the labor force, and a transition toward humans working more closely with machines and artificial intelligence (AI). As firms like Amazon – with more than a million workers – automate more of their operations, they are planning for the enormous learning employees will need to perform the higher-level cognitive functions required to ...

About the Author

Teri Hart, an Ironman triathlete and yogini, has built a career in learning leadership across several Fortune 500 and Global 500 firms.

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