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Veteran, cynical political journalist Matt Taibbi regards Rachel Maddow versus Sean Hannity as the new Coke versus Pepsi. The news business is a racket, he says. Its goals are to sell hate and conflict, and to keep you addicted. The left/right divide pervades all coverage, and it says the other side is evil. And who doesn’t hate evil? Taibbi writes in a highly entertaining style but – beware – he’s an equal opportunity offender. He paints a caustic, clear-eyed, damning portrait of the news business, which he says is out to hijack your eyeballs at any cost.

About the Author

New York Times best-selling author and columnist Matt Taibbi is a contributing editor at Rolling Stone.


During the 2016 election, only 20% of Americans had confidence in newspaper reporting. Media firms have reaped record profits since.

Veteran political journalist Matt Taibbi argues that few media consumers draw the connection between President Donald Trump’s election and the billions of dollars of free publicity that media outlets gave Trump. Taibbi believes this free publicity helped Trump win.

Before Trump, the author maintains, presidential campaigns were two-year obstacle courses that produced cut-outs representing the two major parties. He suggests that journalists treated presidential elections like a beauty contest in which the press judged and shaped public perception of a candidate according to whether he or she was “presidential” or “likable.”

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