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High Trust Selling

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High Trust Selling

Make More Money-In Less Time-With Less Stress

Thomas Nelson,

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What's inside?

Work shorter hours, make more money and feel better about your life and career by learning the "High Trust Selling System."

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A big difference exists between concentrating on a single sale and approaching sales as a long-term career. The contrast is as different as living from paycheck to paycheck is from building an investment portfolio. Sales consultant Todd Duncan writes for the career-oriented sales professional. He thoughtfully explains how to operate your sales practice as a business, and focus your efforts on only those activities that build relationships and generate revenue. He walks you through the four steps of his "High Trust Selling System," and tells you how to funnel your efforts into fewer, high-quality clients and eventually convert them into long-term, tactical partners. Duncan can be a bit preachy and self-promotional, yet getAbstract recommends this solid manual to sales professionals who want to elevate their practices to the next level.


The Laws of Selling

To be a successful salesperson for the long term, establish a high level of trust with your customers. Enduring success only happens "when you are a trustworthy salesperson running a trustworthy sales business." Whether you are selling mortgages, copiers, vacuum cleaners or automobiles, the following "laws" of selling will help you reach a new level of success:

"The Law of the Iceberg"

The true measure of a person's success comes from what is inside rather than what is outside. As with an iceberg, what is visible is not a true representation of the whole; the foundation underneath, the 90% that is not visible, is genuinely meaningful. People's inner worth – who they are, what they strive for and what they will leave behind – is the real substantial measure of lasting success. The primary obstacle to this kind of success is "lack of purpose."

Take time to determine your deeper purpose, and work to align that purpose with your actions and goals. Your primary purpose is your core motivator, the inspiration that guides your choices and decisions, and makes you accountable. The best way to understand your purpose is to ask yourself, "...

About the Author

Todd Duncan, author of Time Traps and Killing the Sale, consults on sales and work-life balance. He founded a personal sales training company, conducts seminars, and publishes tapes and books.

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