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Keep your eye on “hiring and firing.” Employing – and terminating – people well makes a big difference between managerial success and failure. People who work together toward mutual goals accomplish the most. As a leader, you should identify people who can help you achieve shared objectives. Popular management author Brian Tracy offers 21 ideas to help you identify the people you should hire, help them thrive and sack them if necessary. Tracy’s beliefs about firing in some small ways recall those of former GE CEO Jack Welch, whose approach might seem less enlightened now than in the ’80s. Otherwise, getAbstract recommends Tracy’s helpful, forward-thinking guidance to HR specialists and managers who handle recruitment and retention.


Delivering Results

Senior executives who want to deliver results for their companies must constantly keep an eye on “hiring and firing.” When people collaborate to achieve shared goals, they accomplish the most work. Your job is to identify, employ and retain people who help you achieve your objectives.

However, people are never guaranteed to act as you might wish. They can be selfish and willful. In general, only two-thirds of the people you hire will work out as you hope. To hire well, develop people, retain them over time and terminate them in the right way if necessary, heed 21 helpful ideas:

  1. “The selection process” – A company establishes its success or failure by how well it chooses its employees. Managers must consider many variables while hiring and should never rush the interview process. Don’t hire people as a specific solution to a problem.
  2. “Think through the job” – Have the foresight to hire new people as more than substitutes for an exiting employee. Find out whether candidates have the ability to tackle rapidly changing industry requirements. Assess whether someone can do a job alone or if you ...

About the Author

The author of more than 50 books, Brian Tracy speaks professionally, conducts seminars and heads his training and consultancy company, Brian Tracy International. This manual is part of the Brian Tracy Success Library.

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