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Can artificial intelligence help doctors deliver more compassionate care? Machines can facilitate better health care by enabling more exact diagnoses and allowing doctors to spend more quality time with their patients. In this podcast, host Chad Grill interviews geneticist Eric Topol – one of the most-cited medical professionals in the world and an advocate for patient-centered care. By giving patients control over their data and reducing redundant procedures and mistakes, Topol argues, doctors can significantly improve the patient experience.


Today, the average time a doctor spends with a patient is only seven minutes. Pressured to be profitable, doctors must see up to 20 patients a day. Much of that time is recording data, not providing compassionate care. Better speech-to-text software will help, but AI can do much more. Algorithms could, for example, analyze data and medical scans much more thoroughly than humans can. One-third of medical procedures are unnecessary and redundant. With “algorithmic support,” doctors...

About the Podcast

Mission Daily is a daily podcast produced by media company Mission. In this episode, Mission CEO Chad Grills interviews geneticist and author Eric Topol.

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