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How CMOs Are Succeeding with Generative AI

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How CMOs Are Succeeding with Generative AI

Boston Consulting Group,

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A new survey reveals that many CMOs are already using generative AI, dramatically redefining the role of marketers – learn how.

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Your competition is likely using or testing generative AI (GenAI), according to insightful new research from Boston Consulting Group. To keep pace with change, seize opportunities to capitalize on the possibilities of GenAI, urge the survey authors. GenAI can help you better serve customers and achieve your business goals, while radically redefining marketing’s role. Learn how to start incorporating GenAI into your marketing team’s core functions, and why most CMOs are so optimistic about GenAI’s disruptive potential.


Leverage the potential of generative AI with foresight and coordination.

According to a 2023 Boston Consulting Group survey, CMOs worldwide feel confident and optimistic about the potential for generative AI (GenAI) to create competitive advantage and enhance productivity for brands in the future. They see opportunities emerging to better implement business models and launch products, and they’re dialing up baseline standards for speed, quality and efficiency. Your competition may already be using GenAI, with 70% of survey respondents reporting that their organization already uses it, while just under 20% report testing it. 

Most CMOs immediately see positive results when introducing GenAI – fully 93% report a “positive or very positive improvement in how they organize their work,” ...

About the Authors

David Ratajczak, Matthew Kropp, Silvio Palumbo, Nicolas de Bellefonds, Jessica Apotheker, Sarah Willersdorf and Giorgo Paizanis are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group.

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