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How Creativity Rules the World

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How Creativity Rules the World

The Art and Business of Turning Your Ideas into Gold

HarperCollins Leadership,

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Innovate, create value and pursue more fulfilling professional projects by unlocking your inner creativity.

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Innovation is fundamentally creative and starts with finding new connections and new perspectives. Author, advisor and curator Maria Brito draws on history, science and her personal experience working with artists to reveal the habits, actions and attitudes that can enable anyone, regardless of profession, to tap into his or her endless creative potential. This inspiring book will appeal to individuals – including entrepreneurs – and businesses looking to boost their creative potential and stand out from the competition.


Creativity is a valuable and inexhaustible resource.

In business and art, nothing equals the value of a new idea. Business-minded people often think there is no connection between the practical world of business and the playful – even frivolous – world of art. On the contrary, business and artistic innovation spring from the same source.

Everyone can be creative, regardless of their profession. The essence of creativity is your drive to improve the status quo. And the more you work your creativity muscle, the more innovative ideas you will produce. Assuming there is no connection between business and art impedes individuals from accessing a valuable and inexhaustible resource.

There’s no roadmap for creativity, so you may incorrectly think it’s beyond your control.

Every business needs new ideas. They help you and your business adapt to change, respond to unmet demand and set yourself apart from the competition. Yet people often think the process of formulating creative ideas is beyond their control. How can you work towards something, you might wonder, if you don’t know what it is yet? Creativity consistently...

About the Author

Author, advisor and curator Maria Brito was selected by Complex as one of “20 Art World Power Players.”

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    N. J. 2 years ago
    This was a great read. As a working entrepreneur (have a 9-5 job) it gave me some new insight and changed my perspective about how I was managing creativity concerning products. There are some great tips that will be implemented moving forward.
  • Avatar
    P. G. 2 years ago
    Nice condensed concept.

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