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According to former US Marine Corps officer Drew Humphreys, empowering employees to fulfill their missions in whatever way they deem fit is the best way to ensure success in complex environments. And as artificial intelligence becomes more pervasive, Humphreys believes that three of the principles that govern machine learning offer best practices for leading people. His talk will inspire managers and coaches who seek to get the most from their teams.


When former Marine Corps officer Drew Humphreys commanded a platoon tasked with delivering supplies to US infantry troops stationed in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, he took a command-and-control approach. He believed he had to oversee every detail of every convoy. When his role expanded to managing two convoys traveling in opposite directions, Humphreys had no choice but to empower his troops. He adopted a role that resembled a coach more than a commander. He employed “commander’s intent”; that is, he defined the ultimate goal but gave his subordinates the freedom to determine how to achieve it. In so doing, Humphreys unleashed vast human potential, and his team exceeded his expectations.&#...

About the Speaker

Drew Humphreys, a former US Marine Corps officer, is a leadership innovator at UPS.

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