The word “nationalist” conjures images of Nazi parades, while people often equate the term “globalist” with the wealthy elite. Neither is accurate, cautions global citizen Wanis Kabbaj, and the philosophies aren’t diametrically opposed. Globalists and nationalists have much in common: They love their country but also have compassion and empathy for people around the world. With national populism on the rise in the West, Kabbaj’s talk not only is timely but is a wake-up call to people on both sides of the debate.


If you search for the word “nationalist” on Twitter, you’ll find results containing terms such as “white supremacist idiot” and “fascist sock puppets.” Search for the word “globalist” and the results will include terms such as “socialist sell-outs” and “elitist financial overlords.” These emotional descriptors are reflective of society’s feelings towards the ideologies. Nationalists strive to maintain social stability by protecting their culture and land and prioritizing the well-being of citizens. Nationalists worry that globalism will dilute their culture and invite foreign aggressions.

About the Speaker

Wanis Kabbaj is the director of global strategy for health care logistics at UPS.

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