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How the Best Leaders Lead

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How the Best Leaders Lead

Proven Secrets to Getting the Most Out of Yourself and Others


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Great leaders know when to pursue their goals relentlessly and when to relax.

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Brian Tracy offers sound advice to help leaders succeed. He doesn’t suggest anything terribly new, but his advice is entirely solid: Set goals, be innovative, be decisive, motivate your people and focus on results. You don’t need a book to teach you, “to fulfill your potential, you must become excellent at what you do,” but you may welcome the pep talk and the reminder. Such popular advice has made Tracy a best-selling author with 45 books to his credit and, apparently, has given him permission to quote himself at will. You may have to find your own balance as you weigh his counsel to exercise and spend more time with your family against his advice to go to work early, stay late and be available on weekends, but that’s a true reflection of the dilemma of modern leadership. Overall, getAbstract finds that Tracy’s concepts, tips and suggestions offer a steady foundation of the basics of leadership amid today’s challenges.


Obstacles and Opportunities

These are dynamic times of great challenges and opportunities for businesspeople and their companies. Winners will seize the day and become stronger, while problems will swamp the losers. To lead in this hard, yet exploitable, environment, businesspeople must faithfully and competently attend to seven leadership basics:

  1. “Set and achieve business goals” – Business is about sales and profits. Aim high.
  2. “Innovate and market” – Selling depends on attracting and retaining customers, so develop great products and market them with power and panache.
  3. “Solve problems and make decisions” – This is the essence of leadership.
  4. “Set priorities and focus on key tasks” – Wisely allocate your company’s resources, including funds, time and personnel, to address priority issues.
  5. “Be a role model to others” – Your staffers will fashion their attitudes and activities based on what you do and say.
  6. “Persuade, inspire and motivate others to follow you” – ...

About the Author

Brian Tracy is the author of 45 books, including Maximum Achievement, Speak to Win and Eat That Frog! A popular speaker, he addresses more than a quarter-million people annually. As a consultant, he has worked with more than 1,000 companies in 52 countries.

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