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Writing in succinct and serviceable language, Jeffrey R. Fox presents profitable information for anyone aiming for the top of the corporate world. Anyone in the work force, at any level, can use and appreciate his litany of commandments. Applying these suggestions appropriately and sincerely will help you succeed in your personal and professional life. Some of the commandments may surprise you. Many of them will make you reflect on what your mother taught you. Frequently, the suggestions challenge and encourage you to make positive life improvements and to enhance your interactions with your colleagues. The author’s no-nonsense presentation is an easy read. Each commandment entry is brief and to the point. getAbstract recommends this book to those who want to rise to the top, and be appreciated and respected by others in the process.


Career Decisions and Career Moves

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of any organization determines the organization’s progress and success. Whether you are just starting to climb the corporate ladder or are already at the top, consider the following commandments.

Always take the job that offers the most money - If you already have a job, always take the transfers, assignments, and promotions that offer the most money. Your future bonuses and raises will be salary based, so start strong. A high salary makes you visible, so you can demonstrate your abilities. When two employees are considered for the same promotion, almost always the higher-salaried employee will be granted the promotion, regardless of talent or contributions. It is easier for companies to promote the higher paid employee, and the promotion of the higher paid employee confirms the wisdom the management.

Human Resources won’t plan your career - Know what you want. It is your responsibility to develop and modify your plans. Your career growth is your responsibility. You must determine what skills and aptitudes are needed to rise to the top of the company ladder. The human resources department will...

About the Author

Jeffrey J. Fox a graduate of Harvard Business School, is the founder of Fox & Co., Inc., a marketing consulting company. Fox is the winner of Sales and Marketing Management Magazine’s Outstanding Marketer Award and the National Industrial Distributors Award as the Nation’s Best Industrial Marketer. Fox has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Business Marketing.

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