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How to Build a Digital Transformation Roadmap summary

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For enterprises that want to survive more than a few years, digital transformation can hold the key to continuing relevance. These transformations can represent exciting, high-impact opportunities for enterprises and their leaders. But they often fail for reasons that might not appear obvious. Brian de Haaff, CEO of Aha! – a maker of product roadmap software – zeroes in on one common source of failure in digital transformations: the difficulty of gaining buy-in from stakeholders who don’t see the long-term benefits of investments in transformation. 

About the Author

Brian de Haaff is the co-founder and CEO of the product roadmap software maker Aha! and the author of Lovability.


Digital transformation represents a major change for a business, one that can position the enterprise to reap rewards years into the future. High-impact initiatives like these can make dramatic improvements in customer experience, and they represent exciting challenges for the implementing team. For the leader, making a major impact on a business can give a real thrill. Successful enterprise digital transformations depend on leadership by bold forward thinkers who can execute goals in both the present and the future at the same time.


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