What makes confidence fail or flourish, and why is confidence necessary? Educator and activist Brittany Packnett explores these expansive questions in a tight, pithy TED Talk. Former president Barack Obama once wrote that Brittany Packnett’s “voice is going to be making a difference for years to come,” and this talk exemplifies why.


Society views confidence as a “soft skill” and positions it as a bonus trait, not a necessity. “Knowledge and resources,” people say, matter more. But abundant knowledge and resources haven’t solved injustice and other problems. Without confidence, human endeavor falls short. Confidence emboldens you to make the leap from vision to action. If you fail, confidence dares you to try again. It helps you realize your biggest ambitions.

Confidence can be a matter of social justice. The world promotes confidence in those who embody a “preferred archetype of leadership” and punishes it others, including black people...

About the Speaker

Brittany Packnett is an educator, activist and writer.

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