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Designer David Kelley thinks creatively about creativity. People who were discouraged from pursuing creative interests as children often believe they have no talent for such tasks in adulthood. But Kelley posits that anyone can develop creative skills. Although Kelley doesn’t outline the specifics of his process, getAbstract recommends his talk to those who think they lack the creative gene. Your creative genius is simply waiting to be unleashed. 

About the Speaker

Designer David Kelley founded IDEO, an organization dedicated to helping individuals and companies innovate.



Designer David Kelley remembers when, in third grade, his best friend, Brian, fashioned a horse out of clay. A classmate mocked the creation. Brian was so demoralized that he dismantled his sculpture and never again attempted a creative project. Whenever Kelley tells this story, many people relay similar accounts about times when their creative efforts received criticism. People who get discouraged in childhood often stop trying, and many are still uncomfortable with creativity as adults. Even high-powered executives fear judgment of their creative ideas. But when they engage in Kelley’s process, they often surprise themselves with the extent of their innovative ideas.

Kelley is inspired by psychologist...

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