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How to Create a Mind book summary
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Futurist Ray Kurzweil, never lacking ambition, explains his theories of how the mind works, how to create a mind and how these insights relate to the rise of intelligent machines. His book is very smart, though he makes a few claims that may be bold enough to provoke resistance in some readers. Yet Kurzweil synthesizes his ideas with research in neuroscience and artificial intelligence to propose a theory of how minds function. As a well-known inventor who’s been working in this and related fields – like voice recognition software – for decades, Kurzweil provides much of value on the subject and offers examples, diagrams, tables and images. However, some of his discussions of complex computing, biological or evolutionary processes may require multiple reads for full comprehension. getAbstract recommends Kurzweil’s theorizing and proselytizing to those interested in human intelligence, artificial intelligence, the workings of the mind and informed explorations of futuristic ideas.

In this book, you will learn

  • What role the neocortex plays in human intelligence,
  • How artificial intelligence advances and
  • “How to create a mind.” 

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