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You can’t control a recession or a layoff, says career adviser Scott Dinsmore, but you can control the three factors that lead to meaningful, passionate work. Finding your calling requires understanding yourself, acting on your values and hanging with the right crowd. If you dread the daily grind or feel lost or aimless in your career, Dinsmore’s energetic TED Talk is for you.

About the Speaker

Scott Dinsmore is the founder of Live Your Legend, a platform and movement that offer inspiration and networking toward finding a professional passion.



Enduring joyless work just to build your résumé is a popular idea – but a bad one.

Has anyone ever advised you that strengthening your résumé is more important than enjoying what you do? This is terrible guidance – so much so that business tycoon Warren Buffett has likened it to “saving up sex for old age.” Yet more than 80% of professionals endure the daily misery of joyless work.

When conducting research on purpose at work, career researcher and adviser Scott Dinsmore started meeting with individuals who disliked their jobs. He’d ask them why they were doing that work. Often, they would admit that they’d taken jobs because someone else had advised them to do so. Within two months, 80% of those who answered Dinsmore’s question quit their unsatisfying jobs.

People who find their true calling take time to get to know themselves, including the strengths that set them apart.


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