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Talent shortages are pervasive in many economies, and finding capable workers can be difficult. Happily, a large dormant pool of skilled individuals seeks employment. Carol Fishman Cohen has dedicated her work to smoothing a path for “relaunchers” – individuals who have taken an intermission from work – to re-enter the labor force. With passion, Cohen, a onetime relauncher, gives professionals on hiatus tips for impressing employers and advises companies on hiring workers returning from career breaks. getAbstract recommends Cohen’s simple, smart solutions to job seekers with gaps on their résumés and to recruitment managers seeking experienced personnel.


Individuals take career breaks for a variety of reasons: to care for aging relatives, to start families, to recover from illness, to pursue hobbies, and so on. For “relaunchers” – those re-entering the labor force following a time-out – finding work can be difficult: Employers frequently view relaunchers as “high-risk” candidates, and relaunchers often are riddled with self-doubts about going back to work. “Career transitioners” such as military veterans, returning expats and retirees coming out of retirement often experience similar misgivings. Yet relaunchers are becoming increasingly...

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Carol Fishman Cohen is the CEO and co-founder of iRelaunch, a service for professionals seeking to return to work after a career break and for employers recruiting from this talent pool.

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