Summary of How to Get Empowered, Not Overpowered, by AI

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How to Get Empowered, Not Overpowered, by AI summary
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Artificial intelligence may soon outsmart humans at every task. Some AI researchers envision doomsday scenarios leading to the extinction of the human race, while others believe that allowing AI to become humans’ overlords may allow humanity to flourish in innovative ways. MIT professor Max Tegmark subscribes to the latter school of thought, but he cautions that AI developers must imbue their flourishing technology with the right values and safeguards to ensure that AI will act in the interest of humanity as a whole. Tegmark’s passionate, engaging presentation elaborates on his vision of a high-tech future.  

About the Speaker

Max Tegmark is a professor at MIT and the author of Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. 



Artificial intelligence has the power to master artificial general intelligence (AGI) in mere decades.

An ambitious future with artificial intelligence requires power, steering and a desirable destination. AI is becoming increasingly sophisticated. It has already outsmarted humans at the games of chess and go, and society may witness the emergence of AGI – that is, the ability to outwit human intelligence at all tasks – within mere decades. Once it has surpassed this milestone, AI could progress independently and self-improve without human help or interference.

Before AI reaches this stage of superintelligence, AI developers must ensure that AGI will further human ends and improve human life...

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