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How to Interview Candidates Remotely

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How to Interview Candidates Remotely

CTO Connection podcast

CTO Connection,

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Take a closer look at conducting technical interviews remotely. 

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Offsite work presents unique challenges for HR and hiring managers: Interviewing candidates, for instance, is more complex when you can’t meet them in person, and technical interviews for developers or software engineers can prove especially difficult. In this CTO Connection podcast, Shannon Hogue from the technical interviewing service Karat discusses three ways to ensure fairness and improve results in your remote candidate-vetting process. 


When interviewing remotely, first define and communicate the required core competencies. 

Designing a fair technical interviewing process is always difficult. Adjusting your hiring practices for a work-from-home environment requires you to rethink the interview process and to adjust questions and assignments. For example, candidates might not be able to illustrate processes on whiteboards, so sticking to project discussions, questions and assignments the candidates can complete verbally works better. Some candidates may feel uncomfortable with video calls and may prefer to do an audio-only call. Not being able to see candidates means that nonverbal clues will get lost, but many interviewers have found that it helps them to be more objective.

Interviewers can learn how to detect potential cheating during assignments. Signs...

About the Podcast

The CTO Connection podcast features insights from senior engineers and experts into hiring, motivating and managing engineering teams. Peter Bell is the host. Shannon Hogue is the global head of solutions engineering at Karat, a technical interviewing service. 

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