How to Save Europe

How to Save Europe

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When billionaire investor George Soros makes predictions, people listen. Over the past decades, his knack for recognizing political and economic trends early has allowed him to build and multiply his impressive fortune. Today, Soros is warning about another impending economic downturn. This time, he argues, the Achilles’ heel of the world economy is the European Union. In a speech at the European Council on Foreign Relations and an article written for Project Syndicate, Soros identifies three pressing issues that he fears could bring down the European project – and outlines his plan to save it. getAbstract recommends his analysis to investors and anybody interested in world affairs.


The 2008 financial crisis and the refugee influx of 2015 has propelled the European Union into an existential crisis. Disillusioned with the ability of their national governments and EU authorities to manage the refugee situation and create economic opportunities, citizens in several member states have started to embrace populism and anti-EU sentiments.

To extricate itself from the current impasse, the EU needs to address several issues. First, it will need to bring the refugee situation under control. The EU should allow individual member states to decide how many refugees to take in and help ease the refugee...

About the Author

George Soros is chairman of Soros Fund Management and of the Open Society Foundations. 

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