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This guide to national digital transformations from the Boston Consulting Group lists typical pitfalls and ways to avoid them when digitizing information and processes. With its infographics, easy-to-read lists and links to more in-depths studies, the article will be useful for any government decision maker in countries where digital infrastructure is still emerging. Even if you work for a private company or in a country where a digital transformation is already underway, you can learn how to identify opportunities, plan for market pain points and track global trends.

About the Authors

Rami Mourtada, Stephanie Habib, Frank Felden, Alexander Türpitz and Miguel Carrasco are management consultants with the Boston Consulting Group. 



National digitization is essential for economic growth and quality of life. 

To stay economically competitive, boost innovation and raise quality of life for citizens, governments must provide the infrastructure and support for national digitization efforts. They must also act soon; the faster the digital landscape changes, the harder and costlier it will be to catch up for those who lag behind.

Avoid five stumbling blocks of national digitalization, including too much disruption or being to hesitant. 

Five problems can inhibit the successful implementation of a national digitalization strategy:

  1. “Too much or too little...

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