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How to Supervise People

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How to Supervise People

Techniques for Getting Results through Others

Career Press,

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To be an effective supervisor, you have to start on the right foot. Be careful of the first impression you make, and orient new employees yourself so that you control — sorry, make that supervise — the first impression they receive.

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Donald P. Ladew’s book is exactly the sort of manual that all supervisors should have. While the ideas are not generally new, they are effective. The book concisely presents many tools for supervisors. You don’t need to sort through jargon - just turn to the thorough, step-by-step lists and scan them for quick reference. The simple and easy-to-follow techniques provide all of a supervisor’s essential tools. Experienced supervisors can use this book to refine their skills and improve any weak areas, while neophytes can use it to supplement their knowledge as they gain experience. recommends this book to supervisors at all levels and to employees hoping to be promoted to supervisory roles. If you keep this straightforward guide in your top desk drawer and refer to it regularly, you can sound like an expert anytime.


Supervisors and Leaders

Before you can succeed as a supervisor, you need to learn how to be an effective leader. Such leaders have three essential qualities in common: they inspire trust, they know when to follow, and they make personal contact with people.

You can develop these qualities and demonstrate your leadership ability if you become an advocate for the people who report to you. Stand up for the people you supervise. If someone has a complaint about one of your people, handle the problem yourself. Don’t let others bypass your authority. Be loyal to your employees and intervene on their behalf when someone is threatening their ability to do their job.

Being fair without playing favorites is another way to demonstrate your leadership. You cannot possibly be an effective leader and also be "one of the gang." Accept your role as supervisor and strive to maintain fairness in your dealings with all employees instead of trying to "buddy up" to your staff.

Establishing the Basics

You can also demonstrate leadership by working to create a great work environment. You can’t create pride in your employees, but you can help create an environment where...

About the Author

How to Supervise People is the first book written by Donald P. Ladew for Career Press. It has also been produced as an audio cassette.

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