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How Web Video Powers Global Innovation summary
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TED curator Chris Anderson shares his enthusiasm and optimism for the upcoming population swell as he explores the influence of web video on “crowd-accelerated innovation.” Anderson illustrates how the Internet amplifies the three elements that drive innovation – “a crowd, light” and “desire” – thus revolutionizing learning and pushing people to improve. getAbstract recommends Anderson’s insights to innovators in every field.

About the Speaker

Chris Anderson is a journalist, entrepreneur, innovator and philanthropist. He is the curator of TED.



Lil Demon, a six-year-old self-taught dancer, garnered recognition when he posted videos of himself executing extraordinarily intricate dance moves to YouTube. His clips epitomize the web-powered evolution of dance. Dancers worldwide learn from each other online and challenge each other to raise the bar. However, Lil Demon’s exploits exemplify a larger global movement: Individuals are learning from web video, sharpening their skills and advancing their fields in a “cycle of improvement.” This happenstance is called “crowd-accelerated innovation.” Three...

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    D. H. 3 years ago
    Great explainer on the power of video to serve as a catalyst, within the larger context of the internet; when like-minded individuals converge to compare talents, they inherently push the envelope of what's possible.