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How We’ll Earn Money in a Future Without Jobs summary
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Futurist Martin Ford says intelligent machines will replace humans throughout the workforce, causing widespread unemployment and rattling the economy. His thought-provoking solution, a basic income for all, is gaining traction. getAbstract recommends this unflinching talk to economists, CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs and all those concerned about job automation.

About the Speaker

Futurist Martin Ford wrote the best-selling Rise of the Robots and contributes to Harvard Business Review.



In 1964, US president Lyndon B. Johnson received the Triple Revolution report, which said industrial technology would displace millions of workers and upend the country’s social and economic systems. In the decades since, experts have continued to sound alarms about tech’s impact, yet their predictions never manifested. Thus, society became complacent. The dominant social narrative is that machines will flood some industries and professions, but new ones will rise to employ the displaced. For many workers, the new jobs have been more engaging, better paying and safer. However, machines have put some hard workers permanently out to pasture:

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