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How You Can Start a Career in a Different Field Without “Experience” 

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How You Can Start a Career in a Different Field Without “Experience” 

Tips That Got Me Job Offers from Google and Other Tech Giants


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Switching careers may seem daunting, but with hard work, creativity and “consistency,” anything is possible.

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In a time when job security, employment opportunities and career contentment are uncertain, this step-by-step article provides a road map to success for anyone who wants to work in a new field but lacks experience. Along with his personal case study, Cultivated Culture founder Austin Belcak incorporates worksheets, templates and useful – albeit borrowed and repackaged – tips to common problems in shifting to a new work sector. getAbstract recommends Belcak’s cogent advice to anyone interested in changing careers or breaking into a new industry.


Looking for a career in a new field may seem like an impossible task, but with a little creativity and a lot of consistency, you’ll find the transition easier than you think. The first step to landing your dream job is understanding what companies really want in a candidate. To begin, look at a job description for a position you’d like to have. Use it as a kind of résumé “in reverse.” The responsibilities and qualifications listed answer the question, “What does the ideal candidate look like?” For example, if a company posts a listing for someone with a degree in engineering, experience in marketing and an eye for growth areas...

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Austin Belcak writes for and is the founder of, a career acceleration website.

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    C. U. 6 years ago
    Great read for me especially since in Nigeria, because of the high rate of unemployment, it's sometimes difficult to build a career path. You have to take up any job u see. This book can serve as a guide. Thanks