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Evolution of Work and the Worker summary
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In fewer than 40 pages, this valuable report offers a high-level overview of global workforce trends. It addresses topics more complex and nuanced than a brief paper really can digest properly, but it makes a noble effort. While the work unfortunately has numerous typos, its research pegs the major issues confronting workers, corporations, organizations and governments worldwide. getAbstract suggests this quick read to executives, policy makers, workers, educators and students seeking a solid, if surface-level understanding of global workforce trends.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What global workforce trends portend and
  • What methods you can use to prepare for massive changes in the labor market in the future.


Worldwide Workforce Issues
The developed world’s workforce is aging, while in many developing regions, undereducated and increasingly frustrated young workers cannot find jobs. Worldwide, the demand for “highly skilled” and educated workers outpaces the supply, while those with “middle...
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The Economist Intelligence Unit is a research and publishing firm specializing in global trends.

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