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The Next Agenda for Adding Value and Delivering Results

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Human Resource Champions book summary
Human resource professionals face broader roles, deeper responsibilities and a wide-open future of partnership and leadership.


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Author Dave Ulrich reflects an awareness that many professionals keenly feel: in these highly competitive times, they must either evolve or stagnate. His book tells human resource (HR) leaders how to assume more vital, strategic roles within their organizations. He makes a convincing argument that successful companies must elevate HR to the role of a strategic partner, to enable it to implement programs that support an organization’s goals. Whether reading any book can put you in the forefront of hands-on transformation remains to be seen, but this volume certainly offers plenty of real-world case studies to back up its premise that HR professionals must step into a new, vital strategic role. Each company and each HR department is so different, however, that it may be challenging to apply some of these broad themes to specific situations. That said, the themes themselves ring true, although the book is now more of a classic than the innovative think piece it was when new. recommends it especially to HR professionals as a comprehensive look at why you must conquer so much territory to keep your organization competitive.

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