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Humane Capital

How to Create a Management Shift to Transform Performance and Profit


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Society needs more humane business practices. The future depends on it. 

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Business development expert Vlatka Hlupic’s previous book, The Management Shift, gave leaders a model for mobilizing workplace transformation. Here, she shares her insights into corporate challenges and opportunities, and how companies need to change as society enters the Fourth Industrial Revolution. She provides real-life examples of how the “Management Shift model”facilitates this change. Leaders tell her how the “shift” occurred in their firms, and why it requires empathy, collaborative practices, agility, responsiveness, good relationships and empowered workers.Hlupic goes through the actions organizations must change, the lessons practitioners have learned and proof that implementing this management shift offers the business world sustainability, profitability and, most of all, relevance.  


The “Big Shift”  

The business world currently faces unprecedented challenges, as the acronym VUCA suggests: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Organizations that fail to adapt swiftly and intentionally will falter. These storms call for a comprehensive management shift that starts with leadership. Challenges in the rapidly evolving business sphere include: a multi-generation workforce with varied expectations; the need to integrate front- and back-office processes; gender and racial diversity; the pace of technological advancements; and a transition from the Fordist productivity model to a more human-centered one. The Big Shift must occur soon, and it must be profound and systemic.

Enlightened leadership benefits organizations, yet the “high-performance workplace” remains elusive. With practical tools, such as the “Emergent Leadership Model” and the “6 Box Leadership Model,” and with guidance from real-life stories from people who use these tactics, leaders can achieve a high-performance workplace. As covered in The Management Shift, the Emergent...

About the Author

Vlatka Hlupic is professor of business and management at the University of Westminster and a former adjunct faculty member at the London Business School. She is head of The Management Shift Consulting, Ltd.

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