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Author Anne Bogel adores all things bookish. If you’re an avid reader – whether of trashy romances, business manuals, hefty literary classics, political or historical nonfiction, or the latest bestseller – you will recognize yourself in her descriptions of the pleasures and perils of the book lover’s life. In this autobiographical overview, Bogel explores myriad variations of books and the reading life. She starts with the book that first “hooked” her on reading. From there, she discusses guilty-pleasure reads and how to fix your shortage of bookshelves. Hint: build more! Bibliophiles everywhere will relish her feel-good rhapsody on loving books.

About the Author

The author of Reading PeopleAnne Bogel also publishes the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog and the podcast What Should I Read Next?


Bogel takes readers on an armchair journey through her reading life and her memories of afternoons she spent reading as a kid. Her book is a light and breezy read – an overview of all things bookish. If you can give it a rainy afternoon, her recollections of her touchstone volumes will lead you to remember your own quite fondly. 

Book lovers often feel guilty about the books they love and about the books they haven’t yet read.

People respond to Bogel’s book-related podcasts and blog posts with confessions about books they feel they should have read but never did. They admit they like books they feel they shouldn’t – often murder mysteries or romances. They may not like Moby Dick or the Harry Potter series, or they haven’t read Jane Austen. Every reader has a guilty reading secret or reading pleasure.

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