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Implementing Culture

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Implementing Culture


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A start-up’s culture takes shape quickly, so you must quickly codify and implement its commitment to diversity.

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In a follow-up to its earlier recommendations in “Defining Culture,” the team at Project Include walks CEOs and managers through the nuts and bolts of implementing the diverse workplace culture previously defined. The authors outline hiring and policy development guidelines designed to ensure diversity and inclusion become part of the fabric of a new company’s culture from its early days. getAbstract recommends this well-organized, highly applicable guide to CEOs, managers and human resource professionals who want to develop diversity policies that help them build an inclusive and satisfied workforce from the get-go.


Diversity and inclusion should take center stage in the development of a young company’s culture. To be successful, this effort must emanate from the top-down, led by the CEO, with management buy-in. Because company culture takes hold quickly, hiring quality HR and diversity and inclusion staff should be early priorities for a start-up to ensure these values are properly ingrained from the beginning. Developing an HR strategy based on inclusion – not concerns about legal liability – is also critical.

A comprehensive and effective code of conduct...

About the Authors

Erica Joy Baker, Bethanye McKinney Blount, Tracy Chou, Laura I. Gómez, Y-Vonne Hutchinson, Freada Kapor Klein, Ellen Pao and Susan Wu are members of Project Include, an open community working to provide diversity and inclusion solutions for tech companies.

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