Improve Your Virtual Speaking Skills and Engage Your Audience

Improve Your Virtual Speaking Skills and Engage Your Audience

Every Conversation Counts series

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Video conferences rob speakers and their audience of a shared context. However, you can humanize your screen-based interactions and engage an audience even when you aren’t sharing the same physical space. In a succinct video presentation from his Every Conversation Counts series, author, keynote speaker and television host Riaz Meghji shares seven actionable strategies to improve your virtual speaking skills and connect with your online audience. Even if you aren’t preparing a video presentation, you can implement Meghji’s recommendations during your next video call. 


The lack of a mutual social framework in video presentations impedes establishing a human connection with your audience.

When replacing face-to-face interactions with video conferencing, you lose context. People miss out on social cues such as physical gestures and eye contact. However, you can make your audience interactions more intimate by consciously taking action to connect with your audience. 

Make your video presentations more intimate and engaging by following seven strategies. 

You can shape your setting, introduction and presentation to be more engaging to your viewers. These tips will help you connect with your video audience: 

Be mindful of your background and setting.

About the Speaker

Author, keynote speaker and television personality Riaz Meghji hosts the Every Conversation Counts video series.

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