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How the Inevitable Rise in the Price of Gasoline Will Change Our Lives for the Better

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$20 per Gallon book summary
Park your car and read this startling description of daily life in America as gas approaches $20 a gallon.


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For decades, Americans reveled in cheap gasoline, becoming addicted to the easy life of readily available, relatively inexpensive fuel – but those days are rapidly coming to an end. To explain the impact of rising gas costs, Forbes magazine reporter Christopher Steiner explains how higher gasoline prices will affect American society. Steiner cleverly organizes his chapters according to gas prices, starting at $6 per gallon and rising to $20 per gallon. In the process, he uncovers compelling evidence about the shock such fuel price increases will cause. He bases his conclusions on impressive research about the future of US energy consumption. getAbstract finds this book compelling reading for anyone who is paying attention to America’s energy future – or who is gradually becoming aware that such attention is long overdue.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why oil prices will inevitably rise,
  • How price increases will affect the US and the world, and
  • What alternatives could replace expensive oil.


How Oil Holds the US Captive
Oil and its main derivative product, gasoline, are essential to modern American life. The US imports two-thirds of all the oil it consumes but uses less than half of that imported oil to fuel vehicles. Manufacturers transform the rest into everyday products...
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About the Author

Christopher Steiner, a civil engineer, writes for Forbes magazine.

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