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Copyright Plain & Simple book summary
If you write it, it is yours. That’s your copyright. Here’s the rest of the explanation (and that’s copyrighted, too).


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Don’t mistake this book for one of those dry, dusty, ’just the facts, ma’am’ reference volumes. Cheryl Besenjak’s delightfully written, fascinating guide to copyright outshines many other books that merely list rules and regulations when they address aspects of the law. Besenjak brings the beauty of copyright to life, providing plenty of examples. She draws you into her subject with a chatty, yet authoritative voice. This second edition includes an up-to-date look at copyright protection and copyright infringement as it relates to the Internet and other rapidly changing technologies. recommends this book to anyone who deals with written matter or intellectual property. Our work is copyrighted. Is yours?

In this summary, you will learn

  • The basic issues addressed in U.S. copyright law;
  • What you can copyright; and
  • What you can’t copyright.


Copyright Basics
If you create copyrighted material, you must understand your rights. Because technology now allows anyone to download art, writing, music and other creative efforts off the Internet, everyone has access to this work. This open door also makes it possible for computer users...
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About the Author

Cheryl Besenjak is the founder and director of the Permissions Group, a full-service rights and permissions consulting company, and is the publisher of copyrights c, a national newsletter that informs its readers about copyright issues across many disciplines.

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