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Professor Hod Lipson and tech writer Melba Kurman have written a fascinating celebration of 3D printing. They believe in and detail 3D printing’s transformative possibilities. They describe the history and current technology of the process, as well as what the future of 3D printing will bring, with its myriad industry-shattering implications for art, architecture, design, manufacture, law, food and education. Lipson and Kurman also make clear the drawbacks and limitations of the process. The 3D printing revolution will take place in small increments, and, like its products, the process will be specialized – even individualized – but life-altering and inclusive. getAbstract recommends this work to inventors, entrepreneurs, innovators, craftspeople, do-it-yourselfers and anyone seeking an early ride on a coming wave of economic change.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What 3D printing is,
  • What the possibilities of 3D printing are and
  • How 3D printing will change the world.

About the Authors

Professor of engineering at Cornell University Hod Lipson directs the Creative Machines Lab. Technical writer Melba Kurman blogs on complex technologies.



What is 3D Printing?
Imagine waking up one morning to the smell of fresh muffins. You already know that they are organic, low in sugar and personalized for your health, because they were printed in your own “kitchen food printer.” Personalized food? A food printer? Those are two of the...

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    Anna Maria Goldsack 3 years ago
    Good insight on the future of 3D is only a matter of time that a majority of consumers will have these in their homes. Could the emerging markets be the impetus to gaining greater scale? It would be more efficient and economical if consumers can make what they need instead of buying goods. Eventually these printers will be affordable for all class levels - similar to smart phones. On another note, this takes personalization to a new level!
  • Avatar
    Kyle Essary 3 years ago
    Fascinating! This, to me, was an excellent summary on what 3D printing involves, and how it's posiitioned to impact the future in area such economics and the legal landscape. It was easy to undertand and digest, without shying away from the complexitiy of this topic. Highly recommend!
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    Nancy Wee 4 years ago
    I picked this topic to read for it is a totally alien to my course of work and knowledege. It turned out to be a well written summary that had given me good start off in this subject.
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    Linda Wohlfarth 4 years ago
    Perfect introduction what one should expect from 3D printing - both for private and professional life - in the near future.
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    Guest 5 years ago
    3D printing is definitely going to be huge, no doubt about that. But whether it's going to be something like a Star Trek replicator that everybody has at home or something that will be run more in an industrial scale - Where people can send in 3D construction plans to a company and get the printed out result the next day by post - is still something that is undecided.

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