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The Race to Mobility

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M Business book summary
When you bought that Palm Pilot, did you know you were part of a global mega-trend?


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Authors and consultants Ravi Kalakota and Marcia Robinson emphasize that the mobility revolution is in its early stages and provide insights on its anticipated stages of development. This insightful and authoritative book is well written and well organized. recommends it to executives, managers and information-technology specialists, though general readers with a jones for high tech also will be blown away.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the early stages of the mobility revolution are already affecting your business;
  • The trackside scoop in the race to create new wireless products, the next major computer transformation;
  • Major trends in mobile business and m-commerce; How your business can decide how to become part of the mobility revolution, and
  • How your business can decide how to become part of the mobility revolution, and
  • Changes to expect as the m-business economy takes over.


The Growing Shift to M-Business
In the last few years, business has migrated increasingly from hardwired desktop-based technology toward mobile person-centered technology, as more companies develop wireless products or seek wireless solutions. This shift to wireless represents an economically...
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About the Authors

Ravi Kalakota, Ph.D. is the CEO of e-Business Strategies, a research and innovation consulting practice. He is also the co-author of Frontiers of E-Commerce, one of the earliest books on this subject. He consulted extensively with Fortune 1000 companies and taught business classes at the University of Rochester and University of Texas. Marcia Robinson, president of e-Business Strategies, consulted in customer relationship management and worked extensively in call center management, business outsourcing and service process re-engineering. She is co-author of e-Business 2.0: Roadmap for Success and, with Kalakota, of e-Business: Roadmap for Success.

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