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Supportable Predictions on the Future of Retail Banking

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The Art of Better Retail Banking book summary
Why banking should be an art: How innovative banks use customization to stand out from ordinary institutions.


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What could be unique about a bank? After all, every bank offers various loans and accounts. In this tome for bankers, banking experts Hugh Croxford, Frank Abramson and Alex Jablonowski contend that banks have made a mistake by becoming too much alike, offering indistinguishable products and services. They argue that banks – that is, bankers – should innovate and create solutions that simplify their clients’ lives. This U.K.-oriented study is intriguing to a point, but it would have benefited from more specific case studies of successes and failures. This book predates the banking meltdown, so events have overtaken a few of its suggestions. Still, getAbstract recommends it to bankers who seek a critical, customer-oriented view of their industry.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why science and engineering have trumped art in banking; and
  • Why the art of banking must move to the fore for the sake of the industry and its customers.


Banking: Part Science, Part Art
From clearing checks to balancing accounts, bankers spend much of their time on the “science” and “engineering” of financial services. Many bank employees must focus full-time on the operational, procedural and regulatory rules underlying their core business...
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About the Authors

Following his career in banking, Hugh Croxford now consults for banks and IT companies. Frank Abramson is CEO of the Relationship Consulting Group and a director at Intramezzo, Verdandi and M-I-G. Alex Jablonowski was CEO of a London-based bank and a managing director at Barclays.

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