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The Case for Collaborative Consumption summary
Two steps forward and one step back: New technologies are promulgating old-school business techniques of swapping and bartering.


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In this information-packed TED Talk, “sharing innovator” Rachel Botsman describes the concept of “collaborative consumption” and convinces viewers that a consumer revolution is on the horizon. Her logical progression of information amply conveys the inevitability of a paradigm shift. getAbstract recommends this video to Internet entrepreneurs, retail and manufacturing executives, and individuals who wish to enhance their online social currency.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why a consumer revolution is imminent,
  • How the Internet promotes sharing and
  • Why you need to maintain a good online reputation.


Swap websites are...
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About the Speaker

Rachel Botsman is a “sharing innovator” and co-author of What’s Mine Is Yours.

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