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What Will a Future Without Secrets Look Like?  summary
Adam and Eve paid a high price for eating the Fruit of Knowledge. Similarly, privacy is the sacrifice society pays for freedom.


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Behavioral economist Alessandro Acquisti unveils the frightening effects of burgeoning technology on personal privacy. He entwines humor with demonstrations of the manipulative power of technology to envision a “future without secrets.” getAbstract recommends this video to social media users, job seekers and people who value privacy.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How new technologies compromise personal privacy,
  • How advertisers can exploit your personal data and
  • How to protect your privacy online.


When Adam and Eve ate fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, they realized they were naked, and God expelled from the Garden of Eden. Similarly, the rise of the Internet has exposed vulnerable web users; the price of freedom and access to knowledge is the relinquishment of personal privacy. During the past...
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About the Speaker

Alessandro Acquisti is a behavioral economist at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.

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