Summary of What's Ahead for Car Sharing?

The New Mobility and Its Impact on Vehicle Sales

Boston Consulting Group,

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What's Ahead for Car Sharing? summary
How will the rise of the car-sharing economy determine vehicle manufacturers’ bottom lines and business models?


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How will the rise of the car sharing economy affect vehicle manufacturers’ profits and business models? Julien Bert, Brian Collie, Marco Gerrits and Gang Xu of The Boston Consulting Group offer insightful analysis of the “sharing economy” and its connection to the demographics of car sharing today. They provide useful projections as to how car sharing, taken in conjunction with related factors like ride sharing and autonomous vehicles, could determine car sales by 2021 and beyond. getAbstract recommends their report to leaders within the automotive industry.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the car sharing market functions,
  • How the car sharing market looks today, and
  • How the growth of the car sharing market, in conjunction with related factors, could determine auto makers’ sales and business models by 2021.


The popularity of car sharing – not to be confused with ride sharing, “which involves being driven rather than driving” – continues to grow worldwide, especially in big cities. The fundamentals of the “sharing economy” are simple: In order for customers to choose sharing over personal ownership, the...
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About the Authors

Julien Bert is a principal at The Boston Consulting Group, where Brian Collie, Marco Gerrits, and Gang Xu are partners and managing directors.

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